This medical condition is characterised by the fact that one or both of the upper eyelids droop over the eyes. This drooping can be slight or be barely noticed to severe where the lids descend over the entire pupil of the eyes. This condition is found to occur both in adults as well as children. As per the severity of the condition the normal vision of a person can be affected too.

Many things can potentially lead to ptosis. These causes may be natural or some natural serious physical condition like trauma or an underlying neurological problem. This eye condition occurs more frequently in older adults as the levator muscles which ensure that the eyelids are lifted up may get stretched as a part of the normal ageing process. making the eyelids to fall. However, not all people affected by ptosis are elders and sometimes babies can be born with that condition through indeed this is rare.

Doctors often recommend a surgical intervention when a person is suffering from ptosis. During such operations, doctors tighten the levator muscles which results in the eyelid taking up its desired position. Such surgery is also undertaken when the condition develops in children in order to prevent another medical condition known as the lazy eye or amblyopia. Another potential cure for the condition is another type of surgical intervention known as a sling operation. In this, the muscles of the forehead are put into use for the end of elevating the eyelids.

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