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My right eye cataract has over the last 5 years got worse. Due to my medical conditions I was limited to to the NHS eye hospital for treatment as no other NHS or private facility would take me on as I needed “an operation room environment” I had waited since early 2022 and could not be given a date until sometime in 2024.

Mr Majid gave me an examination, talked through my options and I chose a replacement lense with a magnification based on an eye test conducted with the consultation. The result was so good on my right eye I had my left eye done 2 months later. The NHS would have not have thought that eye to be bad enough to do.

I am now cataract free in bot eyes, my vision is better than I could have ever had hoped. The Nufufield Health hospital and all the staff were amazingly good.
Mr Majid, who carried out my original cataract operations, greeted me in a warm and friendly manner, putting me at my ease, and explained exactly what was going to happen. After receiving my eye tests and drops from Nurse Chris, Mr Majid called me in for my laser treatment very promptly and once again put me at ease by explaining the procedure. Afterwards he explained what to expect during the rest of the day. I was delighted with the results of the procedure and I would thoroughly recommend Mr Majid to anyone who needs eye surgery.
I'm so pleased with the outcome of my eye surgery. Very bad debris in my eye made my vision really inadequate and Mo performed a vitrectomy to give me clarity, followed up by a cataract operation. It has certainly transformed my vision and I'm a real advocate for Mo and the work he performs. One month since surgery and I see so much more clearly and my ability to read, albeit with reading glasses, is hugely better than before. Eye surgery is very personal and actually quite intimidating, but I would certainly recommend seeing Mo and if you need surgery be assured that he's a skilled operator. He has definitely given me a huge gain in my vision.
My experience of surgery with Mr Mohammed Majid was extremely good. The surgery was less stressful than I expected I think because things were well explained beforehand and I felt confident that the procedure would go well. I only have one worry, the eye that had the cataract removed is still rather pink and often aches. I hope this will have gone by February the 7th when I am due to have the cataract on my other eye removed.
Mr Majid's pleasant and confident manner was very reassuring. His clear and concise explanations of what he was doing was very helpful, enabling me to properly understand how a benefit would be achieved.
A slightly unnerving anticipation of first time laser treatment was made to feel almost relaxing by Mr. Mohammed's reassuring manner and professional confidence. I am very pleased with the result.
He explained the operation and I felt confident that he was a skilled surgeon.
From start to finish I felt confident about the treatment. Everything was professionally undertaken and I was made to feel at ease.
Dr Majid explained the procedure and made me feel less anxious about the surgery.

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