image showing inverting of the lower lid eyelashes

In what is best described as the eyelid “turning in” usually the lower one, in entropion the lashes of the eye and its skin rubs against the eye cornea which is a source of pain and general discomfort. This condition often results in the constant turning in of the eyelid or at times when the eyes tightly close.

This condition typically is the result of the ageing procedure as the latter causes the muscles present in the region around the eyes to weaken on a progressive basis. The eyelids turn inwards due to these muscles relaxing or at other times due to a spasm of the said muscles. There are other causes as well which include things like congenital effects, injuries, a number of inflammatory conditions besides skin infections. One is also more likely to develop the entropion condition if he or she has undergone facial surgery or have some sort of scars in the face that results in affecting the eyelid’s natural curve.

Eye drops which serve to lubricate the eyes serve to lessen the impact of some of the symptoms of the condition like dry eyes. One may also find temporary relief through the use of Botox along with skin tape which serves to keep the eyelids in its wanted position. This can also be achieved through stitches that have been placed strategically. But the real solution to this eye problem can be found through surgery in which the eyelids are repositioned. In this brief surgical intervention, the area around the eyes is made numb through the use of local anaesthesia with the optional addition of light sedatives.

In case the entropion occurs as a result of the weakness of muscles the surgical intervention typically includes removing a part of the eyelid in order to make the muscles tighter. In case the cause of the condition is a prior surgery or scars the patient is likely to undergo a skin graft which lets the surgeon reposition the eyelid.

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image showing inverting of the lower lid eyelashes
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