In the medical condition where the lids of the eye turn outwards is known as Ectropion. As a result of this turning outwards the surface of inner eyelid becomes exposed and maybe irritated easily.

Typically, you would find this condition affecting older adults and usually, its effects are limited to the lower eyelid only. When the condition is really serious the eyelid’s total length gets turned out. When the condition is not quite as severe it results in only a part of eyelid sagging away.

The symptoms of ectropion are levied to a certain extent through the application of artificial tears and types of lubricating ointments. In most cases, however, for dull correction of the condition surgical intervention is needed.

The surgery for ectropion is normally done as an outpatient procedure after application of local anaesthesia and does not require the patient to stay in the hospital.

The surgery involves the removal of a lower eyelid part and is followed by stitching the outside eye corner or the portion below the eyes. The result of the surgical intervention is usually pretty effective and helps to resolve the condition in totality.

In particular, cases, where the condition is caused by scar tissue a skin transplant or skin graft, may be called for. In this, skin taken from the back of the ear or from the upper portion of the eyelids is attached to the lower lid of your eyes. In more delicate or severe instances where the person has had a lot of scarring or had facial paralysis in the past, multiple surgeries may be in order for you if you are to get the best result and full resolution of your eye problem.

Once the surgery has been completed patients usually have to wear an eye patch on a temporary basis. This may be accompanied by antibiotics and ointment steroids so as to ensure that the area does not get infected. A cold compress and over the counter pain killers may also help patients experiencing swelling and pain caused by the surgery. The relief to eye is almost immediate and take a few days or a week at most and the symptoms go away after the affected area heals.

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