Also commonly referred to as eyelid surgery this surgical procedure is used for the treatment of droopy eyelids. A kind of plastic surgery, in it skin, muscle and even fat are removed from the eyelids that are making it saggy.

Primarily used as an antiaging treatment to artificially reverse the normal sagging of skin that occurs with age. Some people also opt for this surgery is their eyebrows are starting to sag or if there are bags below their eyes that they consider to be significant enough to warrant surgical intervention.

For some people, however, eyelid surgery is something more of a necessity than what would be warranted by a cosmetic need as the vision of many people are affected by sagging of the skin. This results in the vision being blocked by the skin when the person is facing upwards.

If the surgery is going to be performed on both the eyelids the surgeon usually starts with the upper ones. A cut is made along the eyelid fold and excess muscle, skin and even fat are removed from the area before the cut is closed.

In case of the lower eyelids, the cut is made below the eyelashes in the crease of the skin or inside the lower lid. Then the excess muscle, fat and sagging skin are removed or redistributed before closing the cut.

In people whose upper eyelids droop close to the eye pupil, the blepharoplasty is done employing the ptosis procedure which serves to extend additional support to the muscles of the eyebrows.

Patients undergoing the procedure usually express satisfaction at the results of blepharoplasty with an appearance that is markedly more youthful and rested resulting in a boost to the self-confidence of the patient. However, the results may be more lasting in some people than others.

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